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I was shocked to find out that I had reached the milestone of 600 adjustments.  I know the date of my first adjustment very well - Friday the 13th, in February of 2004.  My husband had been going to see Dr. Dean and we knew him personally, but I had never been to see a chiropractor, and I had no idea what his care would entail.  After looking at my test results, he asked me to return later that evening for my first adjustment.  He told me the curve in my neck was not existent and then showed me what it should look like.  He did not want me to wait through the weekend to get adjusted.  I had been in bed for a week with dizziness.  Dizziness so severe that if I would fall to my knees if I turned my head wrong; so severe that it had me convinced on an airplane that it was spinning to the ground, only to open my eyes and realize that no one else was in a panic.  This had been a recurring theme in my life for about 11 years at that point.  The first adjustment on my neck was successful.  Immediately I felt fluid release from my right ear and drain down my neck.  I stood up to find that I was not dizzy for the first time in a week.
The next day, Dallas received the largest snowfall I had ever seen in my years in Dallas.  I was able to spend hours walking and playing with my family in the snow.  This is something I would not have been able to even try to do just days before.  I am thankful for the consistent care and encouragement of Dr. Dean to live a healthier lifestyle.  I have made many improvements in my life including better nutrition, regular exercise and weekly adjustments.  I am blessed to have Dr. Dean in my life and I consider him to have been one of the biggest influences on my life as far as good health is concerned.  God Bless you. Dr. Dean!